Multipeak Fitting Baseline Function - LogPoly5


I performed a fit on my data with the Multipeak Fitting package. My background was best described with the LogPoly5 baseline function - somwehow I cannot find the exact function anywhere. In the help section it says it is a polynomial in log(X) - what exactly does this mean? Is the function something like this:

F(x) = A*log(x^5) +B *log(x^4)+ C*log(x^3)...?



Digging into PeakFunctions2.ipf file, it looks like the ith term is something like

coef[i] * ( ( 2 * log(x) - log(x1*x2) )/log(x2/x1)  )^i

where x1 and x2 are start and end values