Organizing Graph Macros

Hi - I have about 50 graph macros. Under Windows > graph macros, all the graph macros are shown. Is there a way to create an additional layer within the menu i.e. Windows > graph macros > [data category] > individual graph macros for that category. 


I assume there is probably some way to do it within the Procedure Window but have been unable to figure out how to program it. 



An alternative to menus for many items is to use a listbox interface.

I just posted an updated version of a code snippet that creates a GUI for choosing items from a list.

To try it, edit the first two functions in the code snippet:

static function doSomething(string selection)
    execute selection + "()"

function GUIdemo()
    string strList = MacroList("*", ";", "KIND=4")
    ChooseFromListGUI(strList, title = "Window Macros")

and execute GUIdemo().