Scatter dot plot bug - error bars

This is sort of a bug but not really. I noticed a strange behaviour with Scatter Dot Plot when long wave names are used: the Error Bars get plotted in a strange location (see pic). The solution is to use shorter wavenames, but I thought I would post this here in case anyone comes across this problem. It happens in Igor Pro 6.3 and 7.

While I am at it, a wave with identical values is not handled well by scatter dot plot. For example, a wave of 1,1,1 doesn't get plotted properly, whereas 1,0.9999,1.0001 does (see 2nd picture).
make/o/n=3 data4={1,1,1}
make/o/n=3 data5={1,0.9999,1.0001}
make/o/n=3 data6={0.8,0.7,1.2}

This is not a silly example, as we sometimes plot waves like this when the data have been normalised against a control group.
Graph0_9.png Graph2_1.png
Hello sjr51,

Thanks for pointing these bugs out. I will look into them. This is actually the kind of thing I like to get via an email to Igor support, but no need now. Consider it reported.


Nate Hyde
Hi Nate,

Apologies, this isn't really a forum topic. I will email next time.

I have addressed all these bugs. Your identical values sample data will work in Igor 7 if you get the nightly build (Help->Igor Pro Nightly Builds) tomorrow. That was due to an error in BinarySearch() when all the wave values are the same.

For the long wave names and for the case where all you have is waves with the same dang value (e.g. data4={1,1,1}, data5={1,1,1}, etc) then you will need to get the latest version of Scatter Dot Plot.ipf. That will come out with the next Igor release. If you'd like it before email me at support and I'll send it to you with instructions on where to put it.