Option to Put Panels on Layouts

I create demonstrations for my courses. The demos include input panels and one or more graphs of functions. I want to change inputs to change the graphs, take a snapshot of the entire set (panel inputs + results), and post it all in a clean manner. I want to do this for more than one set of inputs.

At this point, I can lay out the graphs. But I have to manually copy + paste the panel each time.

For this reason, I would appreciate an option to include a panel as a layout figure. We have graphs, tables, and gizmos. Let's also have panels please.

I strongly second this request! But for a different reason.

I understand that control panels are not the same as 'normal' windows, and I can see why it was logical to exclude these from layouts. But now that we can use layouts as slideshows it would be great to be able to include a control panel, and also to allow controls to appear on the layout (for projection, not for printing). I can fake it by using annotations as value displays, etc., but it's extra work.

It would be great to be able to change values in a control panel and have the class see the link between the variables in the control panel and the output in a graph window.