Igor Pro 8.04日本語版がリリースされました (Igor Pro 8.04 Japanese Released)

Igor Pro 8 の新バージョンがリリースされました。すべてのプラットフォームに対応しています。 最新版を入手するには、ダウンロード ページに移動するか、Igor Pro 8 のメニューから [ヘルプ] → [Igor Proの更新] を選択します。 

Macintoshユーザーの場合: 新しいインストーラから Igor Pro 8J FolderをApplicationsフォルダにドラッグするとき、新しいフォルダに統合するか、既存のフォルダを置き換えるか確認するメッセージが表示されることがあります。 その場合は、[置き換える] を選択してください。

Igor Pro 8.04J での主な変更点

  • Please see the Igor Pro 8.04 Beta 1 release announcement for additional changes.

  • Macintosh: Improved support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina). All Catalina users should update to Igor Pro 8.04. See our Catalina support page for a list of the known Catalina issues.



  • The maximum number of points in a wave and maximum size of a wave's data has increased by a factor of 10.
  • When an experiment is opened, if a global variable root:Packages:V_openedExperiment exists, its value is set to 1. You can use this to decide whether to initialize something that needs to be started when the experiment is opened. See also: AfterCompiledHook, AfterFileOpenHook, and IgorStartOrNewHook. This behavior also extends to the immediate subfolders in root:Packages, for example root:Packages:YourPackage:V_openedExperiment, etc.
  • When using ModifyGraph fill to next mode (mode=7) and individual setting for plus and minus fills, the fill type "none" is now honored. Previously it had been erroneously filling with white.

  • Macintosh: Improved font organization so that font sets like Goudy Old Style no longer need multiple font families.
  • Fixed a problem where the code symbols popups in procedure windows weren't updating during text editing until procedures were compiled.
  • Fixed display of complex variable values in the Data Browser info panel when browsing an experiment.
  • Fixed a crash if you used the LoadWave /ENCG={textEncoding,tecOptions} flag in a pre-emptive thread.




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