X-Y Browser

X-Y Browser is a user interface for previewing Y vs X plots of paired waves. Waves are paired by specifying the required X wave in the wavenote of the Y wave as a key pair. The GUI can also be used to preview X-Y plots of specified columns of 2D waves.

The project adds menu items to the Data and Windows menus. The Paired Wave Browser panel allows the user to select wave pairs or 2D waves and to preview them in a Y vs X plot.

The browser is useful for building Y vs X plots of many pairs of waves, where the waves cover different spectral ranges. One reason to use X-Y wave pairs rather than 2D waves is to maintain compatibility with various tools for spectroscopy that will not work with 2D waves.

This is designed to be combined with a custom file loader that sets the wavenote. An example is the WiRE loader for Renishaw Raman files. It should not be used for spectra that have constant spacing of points! Using the SetScale operation to set the x-scaling for constantly-spaced data will unleash a world of functionality, and is one of the things that helps make Igor Pro such an indispensible tool for spectroscopy. If, however, you are forced to work with X-Y data, X-Y Browser may make your life a little easier.

Project Details

Current Project Release

XYBrowser IGOR.8.00.x-1.70

Release File: XYBrowser170.zip
Version: IGOR.8.00.x-1.70
Version Date: Thu, 02/03/2022 - 05:05 am
Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 70
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
Release Notes:

Version 1.60 was broken for Igor Pro versions older than 9

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