Igor Pro Standard

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Igor Pro 9

A perpetual Igor Pro 9 License. Our most popular license type.

Igor Pro 9 Upgrade from Igor 8

Upgrade from a perpetual Igor Pro 8 License. A valid serial number and activation code will be required.

Igor Pro 9 One Year License

This license will expire in one year.

Igor Pro 9 Multi-User (min of 3)

A multi-user license authorizes Igor on multiple computers so long as the number of concurrent users does not exceed the number of seats on the license. An Igor multi-user license must have at least three seats.

Starting at $880 per seat
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Add These Complementary Products

XOP Toolkit

Allows a C programmer to extend Igor Pro. You can add operations, functions, menus, dialogs, and windows for data analysis, data acquisition or other purposes. Go to the XOP Toolkit product page for details.


Adds support for data acquisition directly into Igor Pro. It supports most "multifunction data acquisition" boards made by National Instruments. Go to the NIDAQ Tools MX product page for details.





Igor Pro 9

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Igor XOP Toolkit

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Igor NIDAQ Tools MX

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