Multi-User Pricing

Multi-User Pricing

WaveMetrics offers single-user and multi-user Igor licenses.

Single-User License

A single-user Igor license authorizes the licensee to install and use Igor on one main computer. The licensee may also install Igor on their home or laptop computer.

Multi-User License

A multi-user license authorizes the licensee to install Igor on, or serve Igor to, multiple computers so long as the number of concurrent users does not exceed the number of seats on the license. We leave it to the licensee to decide how to enforce this limit.

An Igor multi-user license must have at least three seats.

You can add seats to an existing single-user or multi-user Igor license. We base the price-per-seat of additional seats on the new size of the license.

Academic Discount

The academic prices shown in the tables below are available on orders placed directly with WaveMetrics by students or faculty in degree-granting university programs, or by their academic institution. We do not extend academic prices to software resellers.

Special Coursework Discount

A Special Coursework License allows students to use Igor Pro for coursework only. The prices in the following table do not apply to the Special Coursework License.

Igor Pro Multi-User Prices

Seats Standard Price Per Seat Academic Price Per Seat
3-10 $910 $455
11-20 $810 $405
21-30 $750 $375
31-40 $705 $352.50
41-60 $675 $337.50
61-80 $645 $322.50
81-100 $625 $312.50

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