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Igor Pro 7

Item Part Number Manual Price Academic Price*
Igor Pro 7 15-500 PDF $995.00 $499.00
Igor Pro 7 Upgrade 15-525 PDF $225.00 $175.00

Igor Pro 7 and the Igor Pro 7 Upgrade are available exclusively via internet download. We include a PDF version of the entire Igor Pro 7 Manual with the download.

The Igor Pro 7.x Upgrade is available to existing Igor Pro licensees and will upgrade single-user versions of Igor Pro earlier than 7 to version 7.x.

You are welcome to download and begin using IGOR Pro.

Associated Igor Products and Upgrades

The following products are available via internet download and include a PDF version the product's manual.

Item Part Number Manual Price Academic Price*
Igor XOP Toolkit 7 15-900 PDF $100.00 $85.00
Igor XOP Toolkit 7 Upgrade 15-925 PDF $0.00 $0.00
Igor Filter Design Lab 4 11-125 PDF $100.00 $85.00
Igor Filter Design Lab 4 Upgrade 11-150 PDF $0.00 $0.00
Igor NIDAQ Tools MX 11-375 PDF $275.00 $175.00
Igor NIDAQ Tools-to-NIDAQ Tools MX Upgrade 11-425 PDF $0.00 $0.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

* To qualify for academic pricing, you must be currently enrolled as a student or teacher at a degree-granting institution of learning. Conducting research alone does not qualify you for this discount; you must be either attending classes or teaching them.

Academic prices are not available on orders placed through resellers.

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