SBIG Camera Driver

This package is an XOP which enables Igor Pro to control and take images with Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG) cameras through SBIG's low-level driver routines. With it, you can write Igor Pro functions to script the behavior of an SBIG camera for whatever application you may have. The package includes the XOP, a help file, a user's manual, and a sample experiment that uses the XOP to implement a simple point-and-click panel for a camera. (See the picture.) The XOP is in Universal Binary format for Macintosh OS-X.


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SBIG Camera Driver IGOR.6.00.x-1.0.1

Release File: SBIG
Version: IGOR.6.00.x-1.0.1
Version Date: Fri, 01/18/2008 - 08:49 pm
Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 1
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel
Release Notes: SBIG has updated their driver (to Installer version 2.11) to patch a bug that caused all cameras to appear to support an external guider. This release makes the XOP compatible with the new driver, and fixes a bug in the sbigSetMisc routine (it wasn't recognizing the /C flag).
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