Tools for Igor Pro® Users

Data Logger for Igor Pro

Anthony Withers' Data Logger for Igor Pro is designed to display and record data collected through serial communication with equipment using the RS232 or RS485 protocols. His Thermocouple Calculator and ASCII Converter utilities also are available from his web page.

JEG Tools

A collection of several utilities for image and graph manipulation, text processing, and reading NanoScope® scanning probe microscope images. Developed by Jonathan Guyer.

Kramers-Kronig / Hilbert Transforms Kramers-Kronig / Hilbert Transforms

A contribution announced on the Igor mailing list June 10, 1999.


mafPC is a set of routines written by Matthew Xu-Friedman to control Instrutech and National Instruments hardware from Igor Pro. It is particularly useful for designing complex stimulation paradigms and collecting responses for electrophysiology experiments.


Motofit is a collection of procedures for the least squares analysis of multiple contrast neutron/X-ray reflectometry data. In addition Motofit provides generalised procedures for the least squares fitting of data using Genetic Optimisation.

NetCDF File Loader

This is a basic file loader for NetCDF files. Developed by Katsuhisa Kitano.

NetCDF File Loader Macintosh Version

NetCDF File Loader Windows Version


Data acquisition software for different applications, including electrophysiology and photometry, which works in conjunction with NeuroMatic.


Jason Rothman has created a collection of Igor Pro 4 functions for analyzing electrophysiological data acquired from neurons. The program currently reads data recorded by Axograph and PClamp software (Axon Instruments), but can be easily modified to read other data file formats.

Neutron ScatteringNeutron Scattering

Dr. Steve Kline of the NIST Center for Neutron Research has created an Igor-based software package for performing reduction and analysis of small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) and ultra-small-angle neutron scattering (USANS) data.

NMR Analysis Package

Analysis utilities for broad-line NMR data (1 and 2-D). DePake NMR spectra, perform discrete Laplace transforms with and without non-negativity constraint and using a variety of algorithms. Macintosh and Windows versions are available. Developed by Frank Linseisen.

Physics Lab Experiments

John Marsh has created a package of nifty Igor experiments for use by students in physics class.

ProgWinXOP - progress window

The ProgWinXOP, available for Mac and Win, provides a progress window with the ability to add abort buttons. Useful for long calculations.


Igor Pro 3.1 procedures for ratiometric and single-wavelength imaging analysis in studies of cellular physiology. Separate Macintosh and Windows versions are available. Developed by Howard Rodstein and Mark Rand.

SBIG Camera Control

The Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG) provided a number of different CCD cameras and accessories for astronomical imaging. The SBIG package adds operations and functions to Igor Pro (Macintosh-only) that enable it to control SBIG cameras through SBIG's low-level driver routines. This allows you to write Igor Pro functions which can script the behavior of an SBIG camera for whatever application you may have.


Slice is an Igor-based electrophysiology software package that uses the Instrutech ITC-18 Data Acquisition Interface to provide a stimulus delivery, data acquisition, and analysis system for in vitro slice physiology. Developed by Fanyee Anja Lee and supported by NIH DC00540.


SpAcAn (Spontaneous Activity Analysis) is a collection of Igor Pro functions for the detection and analysis of spontaneously occuring (non-triggered) events in electrophysiological recordings. SpAcAn was originally designed to facilitate the analysis of spontaneous synaptic activity in whole-cell recordings, but has also been used successfully to detect and analyze spikes or rapid changes in fluorescence signals.

SpXZeigR - Graphing for Chemical Spectroscopies

Igor Pro routines for analysis of spectroscopic data, including managing, manipulating, rescaling, normalizing, baseline fitting, and peak fitting operations. Other scientific software is also available. Macintosh and Windows versions are available. Developed by Jeffrey J. Weimer.

Synchrotron Radiation Workshop (SRW)

A widely-used and regarded synchrotron emission and wavefront propagation simulation package developed with Igor Pro. Authors: Dr. O. Chubar and Dr. P. Elleaume.


WinNormos-for-Igor is a user-friendly package, developed by Richard Brand, for solving almost all common types of problems encountered in Mössbauer spectroscopy.




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