Compile status (cross-platform) in Igor Automation script

While writing automation scripts to interact with Igor, it may be useful to know whether the procedures are compiled or not. In Windows, the automation server provides the Status1 function and the ipStatusProceduresCompiled. However, the Applescript interface on Mac OS X does not provide a similar check.

I found a cross-platform way of checking compilation status. Calling FunctionList() from outside Igor will return "Procedures Not Compiled" as the first member in the returned list if procedures are not compiled. For instance, issuing this command from an automation script:

fprintf 0, "%s", FunctionList("funcThatDoesntExist", ";", "")

will return

"Procedures Not Compiled;"

if procedures are not compiled and


if procedures are compiled.

This is undocumented behavior of the FunctionList() function, and so this might break in future releases.




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