List of editor/highlighting engines with support for Igor Pro


Atom: with
VS Code:…

Highlighting engines

pygments: included upstream since 2.0
Rouge:, included since 8bfd35030c
Textmate grammar:

LaTeX: minted
WordPress: code prettify


Github: Yes
Gitlab: Yes
bitbucket: No

In case I've missed your editor please make a comment.



Syntax highlighter in Notepad++ for Igor 9.03 code

This is a style file handcrafted by me based on the output of the syntaxcolor project above (the raw output of this project does not catch all new features like int, double, etc. declarations and has some remaining quirks). Tested and in use in notepad++ v8.5.6. Please let me know if you find any issues.

Igor 9 notepad++ style -


On the Mac side I use BBEdit on occasion and it is showing some highlighting though it appears out of date since some of the newer functions are not color coded.  What would it takes to bring it up to date?


I have updated the Notepad++ syntax highlighter definition above for Igor 9. Note that I have added highlighting styles for some things that are usually not highlighted within Igor:

  • numbers
  • internal counters (i, j, p, q etc.)
  • built-in structures and hook functions

You can easily remove these features by deleting the contents in the respective style fields.

I also started to build a rudimentary parser for the Function List feature of N++ (attached). This currently only lists functions and no structures and other fancy things. It would be great if someone could expand this. My regex skills are not good enough at the moment to make much progress here. Have a look here if you want to learn more:




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