Load Patchmaster 2X90 File

#pragma TextEncoding = "UTF-8"
#pragma rtGlobals=3     // Use modern global access method and strict wave access.

//  Procedures to load a Patchmaster 2X90 file.
// The file format is unconventional as it contains both spaces and commas
// and, more problematic, uses letters instead of exponents for numbers.
//  For example:
//      4.3765M     means       4.3765E+6
//      124.10m     means       124.10E-3
//      -10.084p        means       -10.084E-12
//      255.44f     means       255.44E-15
// These procedures were written for a particular user's Patchmaster which
// started like this:
//  Series_1_1
//  Sweep #, Mean-80[A], Mean80[A],  Timer[s], R-series[Ω], C-slow[F]
//        1,  -10.084p,   255.44f,   124.10m,   4.3765M,   10.982p
//          <more data here>
// If your file has a different organization, you will need to customize
// these procedures.

Menu "Load Waves"
    "Load Patchmaster 2X90 File...", LoadPatchmaster2X90File("", "", 0, 1)

//  FixText(textIn)
//  Returns cleaned up version of text without bad line breaks.
//  To keep it simple, this routine assumes that each original line of data
//  has been split into exactly two lines.
//  We also assume that the terminator is CRLF.
//  We also assume that there is a terminator for the last line of the file.
// NOTE: You will need to tweak this for your situation
static Function/S FixText(textIn)
    String textIn
    String textOut = ReplaceString(" ", textIn, "") // Remove spaces
    textOut = ReplaceString(",", textOut, "\t")         // Replaces commas with tabs which make a more readable file
    textOut = ReplaceString("f", textOut, "E-15", 1)        // Replace f (femto)
    textOut = ReplaceString("p", textOut, "E-12", 1)        // Replace p (pico)
    textOut = ReplaceString("n", textOut, "E-09", 1)        // Replace n (nano)
    textOut = ReplaceString("u", textOut, "E-06", 1)        // Replace u (micro)
    textOut = ReplaceString("m", textOut, "E-03", 1)        // Replace m (milli)
    textOut = ReplaceString("k", textOut, "E+03", 1)        // Replace k (kilo)
    textOut = ReplaceString("M", textOut, "E+06", 1)        // Replace M (mega)
    textOut = ReplaceString("G", textOut, "E+09", 1)        // Replace G (giga)
    textOut = ReplaceString("T", textOut, "E+12", 1)        // Replace T (tera)
    textOut = ReplaceString("P", textOut, "E+15", 1)        // Replace P (peta)
    return textOut

static Function/S GetColumnInfoStr()        // Sets wave names
    String columnInfoStr = ""
    columnInfoStr += "N='Sweep';"
    columnInfoStr += "N='MeanMinus80C';"
    columnInfoStr += "N='MeanPlus80C';"
    columnInfoStr += "N='Timer';"
    columnInfoStr += "N='RSeries';"
    columnInfoStr += "N='CSlow';"
    return columnInfoStr

//  LoadPatchmaster2X90File(pathName, fileName, autoLoadAndGo, createTable)
Function LoadPatchmaster2X90File(pathName, fileName, autoLoadAndGo, createTable)
    String pathName             // Name of an Igor symbolic path or ""
    String fileName             // Name of file or full path to file
    Variable autoLoadAndGo  // If non-zero, loads with default names, overwriting any pre-existing waves with those names
    Variable createTable        // 0=no table; 1=create table

    Variable refNum

    // First get a valid reference to a file.
    if ((strlen(pathName)==0) || (strlen(fileName)==0))
        // Display dialog looking for file.
        String fileFilters = "Text Files (*.asc,*.txt,*.dat,*.csv):.asc,.txt,.dat,.csv;"
        fileFilters += "All Files:.*;"
        String promptStr = "Choose Patchmaster 2X90 Data File"
        Open /D /R /P=$pathName /F=fileFilters /M=promptStr refNum as fileName
        fileName = S_fileName               // S_fileName is set by Open/D
        if (strlen(fileName) == 0)      // User cancelled?
            return -1
    // Open source file and read the raw text from it into a string variable
    Open/Z=1/R/P=$pathName refNum as fileName
    if (V_flag != 0)
        return -1                           // Error of some kind
    FStatus refNum                      // Sets V_logEOF
    Variable numBytesInFile = V_logEOF
    String text = PadString("", numBytesInFile, 0x20)
    FBinRead refNum, text               // Read entire file into variable.
    Close refNum
    // Fix the text
    text = FixText(text)                // Create cleaned-up version of the file
    // Write the cleaned up text to a temporary file
    String tempFileName = fileName + ".noindex" // Use of .noindex prevents Spotlight from indexing the file. Otherwise we get an error when we try to delete the file because Spotlight has it open.
    Open refNum as tempFileName
    FBinWrite refNum, text
    Close refNum   
    // Load the temporary file
    int dataStartLine = 2
    String columnInfoStr = GetColumnInfoStr()   // Sets wave names
    if (autoLoadAndGo)
        LoadWave/J/D/A/O/E=(createTable)/Q/L={0,dataStartLine,0,0,0}/B=columnInfoStr/P=$pathName tempFileName
        LoadWave/J/D/E=(createTable)/Q/L={0,dataStartLine,0,0,0}/B=columnInfoStr/P=$pathName tempFileName
    if (V_flag == 0)
        Printf "An error occurred while loading data from \"%s\"\r", S_fileName
        Printf "Loaded data from \"%s\"\r", S_fileName

    // Delete the temporary file   
    DeleteFile /P=$pathName tempFileName
    return 0





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