Print Folders and Files Recursively

//  PrintFoldersAndFiles(pathName, extension, recurse, level)
//  Shows how to recursively find all files in a folder and subfolders.
//  pathName is the name of an Igor symbolic path that you created using NewPath or the Misc->New Path menu item.
//  extension is a file name extension like ".txt" or "????" for all files.
//  recurse is 1 to recurse or 0 to list just the top-level folder.
//  level is the recursion level - pass 0 when calling PrintFoldersAndFiles.
Function PrintFoldersAndFiles(pathName, extension, recurse, level)
    String pathName     // Name of symbolic path in which to look for folders and files.
    String extension            // File name extension (e.g., ".txt") or "????" for all files.
    Variable recurse        // True to recurse (do it for subfolders too).
    Variable level          // Recursion level. Pass 0 for the top level.
    Variable folderIndex, fileIndex
    String prefix
    // Build a prefix (a number of tabs to indicate the folder level by indentation)
    prefix = ""
    folderIndex = 0
        if (folderIndex >= level)
        prefix += "\t"                  // Indent one more tab
        folderIndex += 1
    // Print folder
    String path
    PathInfo $pathName              // Sets S_path
    path = S_path
    Printf "%s%s\r", prefix, path

    // Print files
    fileIndex = 0
        String fileName
        fileName = IndexedFile($pathName, fileIndex, extension)
        if (strlen(fileName) == 0)
        Printf "%s\t%s%s\r", prefix, path, fileName
        fileIndex += 1
    if (recurse)                                    // Do we want to go into subfolder?
        folderIndex = 0
            path = IndexedDir($pathName, folderIndex, 1)
            if (strlen(path) == 0)
                break                           // No more folders

            String subFolderPathName = "tempPrintFoldersPath_" + num2istr(level+1)
            // Now we get the path to the new parent folder
            String subFolderPath
            subFolderPath = path
            NewPath/Q/O $subFolderPathName, subFolderPath
            PrintFoldersAndFiles(subFolderPathName, extension, recurse, level+1)
            KillPath/Z $subFolderPathName
            folderIndex += 1


I'm trying to use the procedure above to load excel files from different subdirectories from my PC. However, I cannot place a running index somewhere in the code such that it increases by one for each file that's loaded. How can I do that?




If I understand your question, the only simple way to do this is to create a global variable initialized to 0 in your top-level function and increment it in PrintFoldersAndFiles where the fileIndex variable is incremented.

A cleaner but more complicated solution is to add a pass-by-reference parameter and increment it in PrintFoldersAndFiles where the fileIndex variable is incremented. This is cleaner because it avoids the use of a global variable.

For details on pass-by-reference parameters, execute:

DisplayHelpTopic "Pass-By-Reference"





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