Print Multiple Page Layouts to PDF File

Question: Is there a way to get have Igor save each layout as different pages in the same PDF or choose to have a layout be added to an existing PDF as a new page?

Answer: No. Something you might try is to append the layouts as pictures to a notebook. Accumulate all of the layouts in the notebook and then print the notebook to PDF. Here is an example:

Make jack=sin(x/8)
Display jack
ModifyGraph lsize=5
Layout Graph0
Make fred = cos(x/8)
Display fred
ModifyGraph lsize=5,rgb=(0,0,65535)
Layout Graph1
Notebook PDFNotebook, picture={Layout0, 0, 1}, text="\r", specialChar={1,0,""}  // specialChar inserts a page break
Notebook PDFNotebook, picture={Layout1, 0, 1}, text="\r", specialChar={1,0,""}

On Macintosh printing to PDF is built-into the system. On Windows you have to install a program like Adobe PDF Printer or CutePDF.




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