Regular Expression Test Panel

This is a panel that evaluates an editable test string and an editable regular expression using the SplitString operation. The regular expression can be entered in either the PCRE pattern (useful if you're used to using regular expressions from other languages) or the Igor /E pattern (useful for copying and pasting back and forth into a string literal in a procedure file which will be converted to the PCRE version).

The conversion is primitive and only looks for doubled slashes ("\\") in the Igor version and single slashes in the interpreted version (I looked for a built in operation functions that could do this conversion, like when one enters text for an annotation and Igor builds a command with proper escape coding, but I couldn't find anything), but that should suffice for normal use. Apparently you can use the actual tab character in a regular expression to look for a tab character in a string, but I think the standard method is to use \t (which has to be entered as \\t in an Igor string literal in order to become \t in a PCRE in order to look for a tab character. As far as I know, it's only the need to double up slashes in Igor code string literals that causes the difference. Confusing? No doubt. That's why I wrote this snippet. It's also well explained in the Regular Expressions section of Programming.ihf

Note also that SetVariable controls don't convert escape strings: Entering \t in the PCRE field really does result in the slash and t characters being sent to the regular expression engine, not a tab character.

#pragma rtGlobals=1     // Use modern global access method.

Window Regexp_Panel() : Panel
    PauseUpdate; Silent 1       // building window...
    NewPanel /W=(50,66,634,411) as "Regular Expression Tester"
    SetVariable setvar_teststring,pos={1,2},size={447,16},proc=SetVarProc_RegexpTester,title="Test String"
    SetVariable setvar_teststring,value= _STR:"Thursday, May 7, 2009"
    SetVariable setvar_PCREpattern,pos={3,28},size={444,16},proc=SetVarProc_RegexpTester,title="PCRE pattern"
    SetVariable setvar_PCREpattern,value= _STR:"([[:alpha:]]+), ([[:alpha:]]+) ([[:digit:]]+), ([[:digit:]]+)"
    SetVariable setvar_sub0,pos={17,81},size={209,16},title="sub0"
    SetVariable setvar_sub0,value= _STR:"Thursday",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_sub1,pos={19,103},size={208,16},title="sub1"
    SetVariable setvar_sub1,value= _STR:"May",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_sub2,pos={20,125},size={198,16},title="sub2"
    SetVariable setvar_sub2,value= _STR:"7",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_sub3,pos={21,150},size={191,16},title="sub3"
    SetVariable setvar_sub3,value= _STR:"2009",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_sub4,pos={20,172},size={192,16},title="sub4"
    SetVariable setvar_sub4,value= _STR:"",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_sub5,pos={22,196},size={190,16},title="sub5"
    SetVariable setvar_sub5,value= _STR:"",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_S_value,pos={11,226},size={406,16},title="S_Value"
    SetVariable setvar_S_value,value= _STR:"Thursday, May 7, 2009",noedit= 1
    SetVariable setvar_V_Flag,pos={17,255},size={88,16},title="V_Flag"
    SetVariable setvar_V_Flag,value= _NUM:4,noedit= 1
    CheckBox check_error,pos={11,284},size={134,14},title="Regular Expression Error"
    CheckBox check_error,value= 0,side= 1
    SetVariable setvar_IgorCodePattern,pos={5,51},size={441,16},proc=SetVarProc_RegexpTester,title="Igor /E pattern"
    SetVariable setvar_IgorCodePattern,value= _STR:"([[:alpha:]]+), ([[:alpha:]]+) ([[:digit:]]+), ([[:digit:]]+)"

Function UpdateREPanel(panelname)
    string panelname
    ControlInfo /W=$panelname setvar_teststring
    string teststring = S_Value
    ControlInfo /W=$panelname setvar_PCREpattern
    string regexp = S_Value
    string sub0, sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5

        SplitString /E=regexp teststring, sub0, sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5 ; AbortOnRTE
        CheckBox check_error win=$panelName, value = 0
        CheckBox check_error win=$panelName, value = 1
    SetVariable setvar_sub0 win=$panelName, value = _STR:(sub0)
    SetVariable setvar_sub1 win=$panelName, value = _STR:(sub1)
    SetVariable setvar_sub2 win=$panelName, value = _STR:(sub2)
    SetVariable setvar_sub3 win=$panelName, value = _STR:(sub3)
    SetVariable setvar_sub4 win=$panelName, value = _STR:(sub4)
    SetVariable setvar_sub5 win=$panelName, value = _STR:(sub5)
    SetVariable setvar_S_Value win=$panelName, value = _STR:(S_Value)
    SetVariable setvar_V_Flag win=$panelName, value = _NUM:(V_Flag)

Function SetVarProc_RegexpTester(sva) : SetVariableControl
    STRUCT WMSetVariableAction &sva

    switch( sva.eventCode )
        case 1: // mouse up
        case 2: // Enter key
        case 3: // Live update
                case "setvar_PCREpattern":
                    SetVariable setvar_IgorCodePattern win=$, value = _STR:(ReverseProcessIgorString(sva.sval))
                case "setvar_IgorCodePattern":
                    SetVariable setvar_PCREpattern win=$, value = _STR:(ProcessIgorString(sva.sval))
                case "setvar_teststring":
//                  print sva.sval
        case -1: // control being killed

    return 0

Function /S ReverseProcessIgorString(stringin)
    string stringin
    string stringout = ReplaceString("\\",stringin,"\\\\")
    return stringout

Function /S ProcessIgorString(stringin)
    string stringin
    string stringout = ReplaceString("\\\\",stringin,"\\")
    return stringout




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