Save Complex 2D Wave As FixedField

//  SaveComplex2DWaveAsFixedField(pathName, fileName, header, cw, fieldWidth, digitsAfterDP, fullPathOut)
//  Writes a 2D complex wave to a text file using FORTRAN-style fixed field formatting.
//  To try it, execute this:
//      MakeTestData(10,5); Test()

Function SaveComplex2DWaveAsFixedField(pathName, fileName, header, cw, fieldWidth, digitsAfterDP, fullPathOut)
    String pathName     // Symbolic path name or "" for dialog
    String fileName         // Output file name or "" for dialog
    String header           // Header text to be written to file or "" if none. Should end with CRLF.
    Wave/C cw
    Variable fieldWidth
    Variable digitsAfterDP
    String &fullPathOut     // Output: Full path to saved file or "" if error or user cancels
    fullPathOut = ""
    Variable refNum = 0
    Open /P=$pathName /T=".dat" refNum as fileName
    if (GetRTError(0))
        return -1           // Error opening file
    if (refNum == 0)
        return -1           // User cancelled
    FStatus refNum
    fullPathOut = S_path + S_fileName
    fprintf refNum, "%s", header
    Variable numRows = DimSize(cw, 0)
    Variable numColumns = DimSize(cw, 1)
    Variable row, column
    for(row=0; row<numRows; row+=1)
        for(column=0; column<numColumns; column+=1)
            String text
            Variable/C cval = cw[row][column]
            Variable rVal = real(cval), iVal = imag(cval)
            fprintf refNum, "%*.*E%*.*E", fieldWidth, digitsAfterDP, rVal, fieldWidth, digitsAfterDP, iVal
        fprintf refNum, "\r\n"
    Close refNum
    return 0   

Function MakeTestData(rows,columns)
    Variable rows,columns
    Make /O /C /N=(rows,columns) mat = cmplx(gnoise(1), gnoise(1))

Function Test()
    DoWindow/K FixedFieldNotebook
    String pathName = "Igor"                // "" gives dialog
    String fileName = "FixedField.dat"
    String header = "This is a test of the SaveComplex2DWaveAsFixedField routine\r\n"
    String fullPathOut
    Variable timerRefNum = StartMSTimer
    Variable result = SaveComplex2DWaveAsFixedField(pathName, fileName, header, mat, 14, 5, fullPathOut)
    Variable elapsed = StopMSTimer(timerRefNum) / 1E6
    if (result == 0)
        Printf "Elapsed time: %g\r", elapsed
        OpenNotebook /P=$pathName /N=FixedFieldNotebook /K=1 fullPathOut
        Notebook FixedFieldNotebook font="Courier New"




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