Save Layout Copy

Using a simple GUI, this script takes a figure layout, and saves each of the graph elements within it to their own pxps. Open a fresh experiment file or one of the newly created ones, open up the GUI again, and use the merge button to merge all of these newly created pxp files into the current one.

The original layout is saved as macro and is automatically copied to the clipboard, so just paste it into the base procedure file of the merged experiment, and run the macro to recreate all of the layout elements as they were in the original.

This is a handy way to extract only the data used in a figure layout. Plus, if the figures going into a manuscript are scattered across multiple pxps, this can be a nice way to keep the data organized for archiving purposes. 

To run it, open the proc file and access the GUI through the 'Macros' menu. Right now I've only tested it using a layout with a single page.





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