Stacked plots / Multiple plots graph

This snippet takes a list of y-Waves, x-Waves and plots them in a selectable number of columns in one graph. If the number of plots exceeds the number of columns, plots will be placed into additional rows.

Not extensively tested, but it might be useful for one or the other. To test it:

make/D/O/N=1000 aa, bb, cc, dd
setscale/i x, 0, 3*pi, "", aa,bb, cc, dd
cc= tan(x)

Then use:

function MakeStackedGraph(yWaveList, xWaveList, nCols, spacing, GraphName, mirror)
    string yWaveList    // semicolon separated list containing wave names to be plotted
    string xWaveList    // semicolon separated list containg corresonding x data; if list items are empty, y-waves will be plotted against x-scaling
    variable nCols      // number of columns within the stacked graph
    variable spacing    // spacing between plots in terms of fraction of total plot area
    string GraphName    // name of the stacked graph
    variable mirror     // mirror axis on = 1, or off = 0
    variable nGraphs
    variable nRows
    variable nGaps
    variable yLength
    variable xLength
    variable y0, x0, y1, x1
    variable i, j, n = 0
    string yWave, xWave
    string yAxisName, xAxisName, yMirrorName, xMirrorName
    // how many graphs are there and how many rows are required
    nGraphs = ItemsInList(yWaveList)
    nRows = ceil(nGraphs / nCols)
    // calculate length of axis from given spacing
    nGaps = nCols - 1
    xLength = (1 - spacing * nGaps) / nCols    
    nGaps = nRows - 1
    yLength = (1 - spacing * nGaps) / nRows
    // Display empty window; kill if it exists
    DoWindow/F $GraphName
        KillWindow $GraphName
    Display/K=1 /N= $Graphname 
    // append traces
    for(i=0; i<nRows; i+=1)
        // reset vertical axis position
        y0 = 0
        x1 = 0

        for (j=0; j<    nCols; j+=1)
            // get wave names from lists
            yWave = StringFromList(n, yWaveList)
            yAxisName = "yAxis" + num2str(n)               
            xWave = StringFromList(n, xWaveList)
            xAxisName = "xAxis" + num2str(n)
            if(strlen(xWave) == 0)
                // if x-string is empty; plot against wave scaling
                AppendToGraph/L=$yAxisName /B=$xAxisName $yWave
                AppendToGraph/L=$yAxisName /B=$xAxisName $yWave vs $xWave
            // set lower left position of y and x axis
            ModifyGraph freePos($yAxisName)={y0,kwFraction}
            ModifyGraph freePos($xAxisName)={x0,kwFraction}
            // set length of the axis
            ModifyGraph axisEnab($yAxisName)={y1,(y1+yLength)}
            ModifyGraph axisEnab($xAxisName)={x1,(x1+xLength)}
            // do some formatting
            ModifyGraph tick($yAxisName) = 2, tick($xAxisName) = 2
            ModifyGraph btlen($yAxisName) = 4, btlen($xAxisName) = 4
            // append mirror axis
                yMirrorName = "yMirror" + num2str(n)
                NewFreeAxis/L $yMirrorName
                ModifyFreeAxis $yMirrorName master = $yAxisName
                ModifyGraph freePos($yMirrorName) ={(y0+xLength), kwFraction}
                ModifyGraph axisEnab($yMirrorName) ={y1, (y1+ylength)}
                ModifyGraph noLabel($yMirrorName)=2
                ModifyGraph tick($yMirrorName) = 0, btlen($yMirrorName) = 4
                xMirrorName = "xMirror" + num2str(n)
                NewFreeAxis/B $xMirrorName
                ModifyFreeAxis $xMirrorName master = $xAxisName
                ModifyGraph freePos($xMirrorName) ={(x0+yLength), kwFraction}
                ModifyGraph axisEnab($xMirrorName) ={x1, (x1+xlength)}
                ModifyGraph noLabel($xMirrorName)=2
                ModifyGraph tick($xMirrorName) = 0, btlen($xMirrorName) = 4
            // shift next starting positions to the right
            y0 += xLength + spacing
            x1 += xlength + spacing
            // increase plot counter
            n += 1             
        // shift next starting positions up
        x0 += yLength + spacing
        y1 += yLength + spacing
    return 1

and execute e.g.:

MakeStackedGraph("aa;bb;cc;dd;", ";;;;", 2, 0.1, "Multi", 1)

This uses the wave scaling as values for the x-axis. Alternatively use e.g. the following to create X-Y plots:

MakeStackedGraph("aa;bb;cc;dd;", "aa;aa;aa;aa;", 1, 0.05, "Multi", 0)




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