Stacked plots / Multiple plots LAYOUT


Similar to:

but displays existing graphs in a single layout page. Note, that the layout is set to a custom size to preserve the original, absolute graph sizes. The entire layout may then be saved as a single graph. Execute the following to try it:

make/D/O/N=1000 aa, bb, cc, dd
setscale/i x, 0, 3*pi, "", aa,bb, cc, dd
aa=sin(x); display aa
bb=cos(x); display bb
cc=tan(x); display cc
dd=abs(sin(x)); display dd

Then use the snippet...

function MultiGraphLayout(GraphList, nCols, spacing, layoutName)
    string GraphList        // semicolon separated list of graphs to be appended to layout
    variable nCols      // number of graph columns
    string layoutName   // name of the layout
    variable spacing        // spacing between graphs in points!
    // how many graphs are there and how many rows are required
    variable nGraphs = ItemsInList(GraphList)
    variable nRows = ceil(nGraphs / nCols)
    variable LayoutWidth, LayoutHeight 
    variable gWidth, gHeight
    variable maxWidth = 0, maxHeight = 0
    variable left, top
    variable i, j, n = 0

    string ThisGraph

    // detect total layout size from individual graph sizes; get maximum graph size as column/row size
    for(i=0; i<nGraphs; i+=1)
        ThisGraph = StringFromList(i, GraphList)
        GetWindow $ThisGraph gsize
        gWidth = (V_right - V_left)
        gHeight = (V_bottom - V_top)
        // update maximum
        maxWidth = gWidth > maxWidth ? gWidth : maxWidth
        maxHeight = gHeight > maxHeight ? gHeight : maxHeight  
    // calculate layout size
    LayoutWidth = maxWidth * nCols + ((nCols + 1) * spacing)
    LayoutHeight = maxHeight * nRows + ((nRows +1) * spacing)
    // make layout; kill if it exists
    DoWindow $layoutName
        KillWindow $layoutName
    LayoutPageAction size=(LayoutWidth, LayoutHeight), margins=(0,0,0,0)
    ModifyLayout mag=0.75
    //append graphs
    top = spacing
    for(i=0; i<nRows; i+=1)
        // reset vertical position for each column
        left = spacing
        for (j=0; j<    nCols; j+=1)
            ThisGraph = StringFromList(n, GraphList)
            if(strlen(ThisGraph) == 0)
                return 0
            GetWindow $ThisGraph gsize
            gWidth = (V_right - V_left)
            gHeight = (V_bottom - V_top)
            AppendLayoutObject/F=0 /D=1 /R=(left, top, (left + gWidth), (top + gHeight)) graph $ThisGraph
            // shift next starting positions to the right
            left += maxWidth + spacing
            // increase plot counter
            n += 1             
        // shift next starting positions dwon
        top += maxHeight + spacing
    return 1

...and append all graphs into one layout with:

MultiGraphLayout(WinList("*", ";", "WIN:1"), 2, 20, "AllGraphLayout")




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