Transferring Layouts between Experiments

Code for transferring entire layouts from one Igor experiment file to another.

For those of us that make our figures entirely in Igor, I often want to be able to extract a figure and the data associated with it so I can work on it in a new or existing experiment file. Extracting figure data is also handy for generating a figure-dedicated .pxp with the source data for archiving purposes. 

This program accomplishes this by saving all waves associated with every graph in a layout, as well as their window recreation code (and the layout recreation code), into a HDF5 file. This layout file can then be imported into a new experiment file. During import, the waves are loaded into the same folder structures they originally were in, and the window recreation code is executed for each graph and then the layout. The end result is a clean extraction of the layout data and graphics. 

The code also pulls in x scaling waves, error waves, and user axis location/label waves, so those should be maintained. There might be a few hang ups with violin plots (possibly TraceNameList() not detecting all of the waves?), and possibly polar plots occasionally giving some problems as well. Multiple-page layouts are work fine.

Access the SaveLayout and ImportLayout functions from the 'Data' menu





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