Using FFTs for Fourier Optics Calculations

I occasionally perform Fourier optics simulations that model the paraxial propagation of optical fields. This boils down to using Igor Pro's FFT capability, but with added physical scaling parameters required to provide useful output. Rather than repeatedly derive the necessary scaling, I found it useful to create an Igor Help file that is conveniently accessible and summarizes the scaling rules. For the benefit of other interested opticians, I am attaching that Help file.

This was created in Windows 7; other Windows users will probably want to put this in their Documents>Wavemetrics>Igor Pro 6 User Files>Igor Help Files folder. Mac users: you are on your own.

I thank Howard at Wavemetrics for helping with compilation of the notebook file, and suggesting cross-platform PNG conversion of the equations.

The Help file also contains a code example of the scaling usage.
FFT and Fourier Optics.ihf




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