64-bit version of HDF Loader XOP

The HDF Loader XOP loads data from HDF4 files into Igor. Previously it was available only for 32-bit versions of Igor. I have created 64-bit versions of the XOPs. These require Igor Pro 7.00 or later.

Macintosh 32-bit and 64-bit HDF4 Loader - Requires Igor7

Windows 32-bit and 64-bit HDF4 Loader - Requires Igor7

If you use these, please post a note here so I can guage the level of interest in HDF4.

I do not plan to add these to Igor7 but rather to Igor8 which hopefully will see the light of day next year.

HDF5 is more recent, more widely-used, and better-conceived than HDF4 but there are still a lot of HDF4 files around. For information about using HDF5 in Igor, execute:
DisplayHelpTopic "HDF5XOP"

Thank-you very much for doing this. I tested your routine over the weekend and it seems to be working with IGOR7-64bit. This is a huge benefit for our group since the Omega laser facility at UofR continues to use HDF4. In order to analyze our data in IGOR we have mostly continued to use IGOR6; now with this file loader we can transition to IGOR 7. This change will impact about 20 users and we thank you!

Really appreciate this. There are still a lot of legacy users who are at the mercy of archiving systems that are not upgrading their output format.