Add right click option to DataBrowser?

I want to add some functionality for me to DataBrowser. I am lazy and prefer right click menus to buttons. Am I correct we cannot extend right click DataBrowser menu or I missed it somewhere? 




Looking at the list of extendable menus ...

DisplayHelpTopic "Built-in Menus That Can Be Extended"

... the data browser right-click menu seems not to be one of them. But you may be able to get a very quick access to functionality another way: If you write your own top-row menu then you can assign keyboard shortcuts to function calls. The called function can then work with GetBrowserSelection() to grab the data browser selection. Or you add buttons after all.

Jan: You are right, that's not currently possible.

This is already on the wish list (#2659 if any WM is looking at this). I don't believe the feature has ever been requested by a user (at least it's not recorded as such in our ticket), but since a user has now actually requested this, I'll look into it.

Jan: It would be helpful if you could give me some more specifics of exactly what you are trying to do (here or directly to support@... is fine). I think I have this working but it would be nice if I knew that at least one real world use case was possible.

Adam: I have two functions I needed to add recently, which I currently added as DataBrowser buttons. There is not much more space for more buttons - and, as I said, right click seems easier and less intrusive. Main advantage is, that right click does not contaminate GUI with rarely needed features. 

Function 1: If two numerical waves are selected, display wave1 vs wave2 (with any modifier key display wave2 vs wave1) . I use this often myself and this saves me time. I'd argue this function should be default ;-) 

Function 2: My code generates string waves which contain information from user data. They are critical for users. Unluckily, it is difficult to extract this information without calling specific function (even though strings are readable by humans). I have no idea how to make these functions easily available to standard (GUI-only) user through other means than "select wave in Data browser" and "use menu item", "push button", or "right click". Right click seems easiest to use and takes less space (IMHO).