Adding a Tag to a 1-D Trace from a 2-D wave?

I have a graph with a 2D image display of 'wave2D', and with a 1D trace from that wave, 'wave2D[0][*]' .

I wanted to add a Tag annotation to the 1D trace, but could come up with no syntax that the compiler would accept. Is this possible without creating a new 1D wave?

IP8.04, Win10

What problem are you having? Note that the attachment point should be the "virtual" point, not the actual wave point. So think of the trace as a 1D wave extracted from your matrix, and number the points in that conceptual wave.

The problem has been resolved by Adam Light's response (offline). My basic mistake was trying to distinguish the extracted 1D trace name (using brackets) from the 2D wave name. Also, it is important to use the 'x' scaled value for the Tag 'xAttach' point. Here is an example of the syntax

Tag/C/N=text1/F=0/X=0.00/Y=30.00/L=3 wLastSliceIntensity, 6.2443198621094061e-09, ""

'wLastSliceIntensity' is the 2D wave name, the final numberĀ is the scaled 'xAttach' value.