Annoying bug(?) in Layouts

When I create a layout and add to it some annotation, e.g. a legend. It works great. When I re-open the file, the textbox containing the legend has changed size slightly, giving a distorted view of the text. Is this a (known) bug? My solution for now is to create the legend and write the dimensions (in points) in a new notebook and then resize it to exactly those dimensions if it gets resized. Has anyone else noticed this?

An example would be a legend that is 92 x 20, but it gets resized to something like 90 x 22.
It's not a known bug as far as I can remember. If you would like me to investigate, post an example experiment, simplified if possible. Also specify your Igor version and operating system.
It's not very reproducible. I was just trying to make a simple experiment to send and it behaved fine. I had an experiment that I was working on this morning and the textbox needed resizing both times I opened it. Now I try to open it and it is fine. I am running 6.34A on Mac OSX Mavericks. This issue predates my current setup. At a guess, I'd say 6.32 (at least) on Lion/Mountain Lion.