Bar diagram with side by side bars?

Dear all,

I have a question concerning the graphical presentation of bar diagrams.

I have 10 experiments with 3 measured parameters each. So every of the 10 data points on the x-axis has 3 assigned y-values.

The question is now, how can I display these values as a bar diagram, so that the three bars of each x-value do not overlap, but are displayed side by side for each x-value?

The bars overlap in a way so that one is hidden under the other, which is not nice...

Is there a quick and easy way to achieve the wanted effect or do I have to write a procedure?

Thanks in advance for any help here :)


Hi Peter,

Do a category plot. You have 3 numerical 1D waves with 10 points each. Make a text wave with your labels for the x-axis. Now make a new category plot plotting your 3 numerical waves against the textwave.