Bug in scatter dot plot?

I'm using the scatter dot plot package to plot two waves with same names but from different folders. The plot always shows just one column of data.

Is it a bug due to the same name of waves?
You did indeed discover a bug. I have fixed it, but the fixed version will not be available until we update Igor 6 and that may be months in the future. I am wary about releasing official WaveMetrics Igor procedure files to the general public between releases. If the obvious work around (use different names) is insufficient for your experiment and you would like to receive the fixed version please email me at support. In that case I'll email you a new Igor Procedure file with instructions to replace the current one.


Thank you.

by the way, regarding the scatter dot plot package, any change you will also change the behavior of drawing the mean of wave? It looks like that the mean is drawn as a line between two points of a wave, which make the look of the error bar of the mean weird. I raised this issue before, but had no reply.