creating a wave with time stamp and text

Hi I want to create a wave which contains time stamp in one column and other column contains a text corresponding to a time. So, it is a two dimensional wave. I tried text wave, but then I can't add time stamp into it. I believe the wave will be scaled to ".dat" for easy view of the time, but then don't know the way to add the text in column 2. Thank you
The data columns of a wave must be either all numeric or all text. You may be able to use the wave dimension labels to store the text associated with a row in a numeric wave. Execute this for details:
DisplayHelpTopic "Dimension Labels"
DisplayHelpTopic "Showing Dimension Labels"
Dimension labels are limited to 255 bytes in Igor8. In Igor7 and before, they are limited to 31 bytes. Alternatively you can use a 1D text wave and a 1D numeric wave. For information on how Igor represents date/time values:
DisplayHelpTopic "Date/Time Waves"