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I would like to make a button with an arrow on it (two actually; Up and Down). Reading through the manuals, it seems like these pictures are expected to actually be composed of 3 frames for the various button states. I attempted to load in a PNG file and convert to a proc pic, but I seem to have failed. The following shows part of the arrow normally, and a different part when clicked. I just was a basic black arrow pointing upward as the png file is.

I can obviously resize the picture before loading it to get it the right size but I need some help figuring out how to keep the same image for all button states.

button/z layerup pos={580,250}, size={30,50}, noproc, picture = {ProcGlobal#uparrow,1}, title=" "

// PNG: width= 48, height= 44
Picture UpArrow

Thank you for your help.
johnweeks wrote:
Use your favorite image editing software to create a new graphic three times as wide with three copies of the arrow.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.

That's it? Such a simple solution. Thanks John.
I needed to develop a similar control scheme, and found Paul Roland's old post which seemed to address a similar problem. Since no mention was made of switching between two of Paul's arrow states, I thought I would contribute my prototypical solution to this perennial problem. Basically, the ButtonControl function switches between two different arrow PICTs (this was adapted from the Manual example's button text alternation). Apologies to any previous posters whose relevant contributions I have missed.
Developed and tested with Windows 7, IP 7.05B01 x64