Dependencies of wave components

Is there a way to set the components of a wave as dependent on global variables?

What I'm after (I think) would look like:

Variable /G comp1 = 5, comp2 = 4
Make /N=2 Junk
SetFormula junk "{comp1, comp2}"

This would be quite handy, say, in interacting with a 2D Gaussian:

Make coeffs = {0, 4, 2, 1, 1, 4, 0}
Make /N=(100,100) fdata
SetScale /I x -5, 5, fdata; SetScale /I y -5, 5, fdata
SetFormula fdata "Gauss2D(coeffs, x, y)"

Variable /G x_offset = 2
Display; AppendImage /L/B fdata
ControlBar 35
SetVariable x_offset_ctl, value=x_offset, fsize=12, pos={35, 10}, size={120, 15}

Then ideally I'd say: SetFormula coeffs "{0, 4, x_offset, 1, 1, 4, 0}"

I know it's possible to do this writing a procedure for the control, but with many parameters it becomes a little unwieldy.
Wondering if there's an internal way I'm missing to explicitly set dependencies for wave components?

I did not completely follow your idea but it is not possible to have a subsection of a wave depend on a global variable. You can only create a dependency of a wave on a global variable, not of a part of a wave.

It is best to avoid dependencies altogether. They create hidden interactions which makes them difficult to understand and they are difficult to debug. Instead just have your action procedure for the SetVariable control do whatever needs to be done.