Duplicate layout page not possible


probably its just something small that I am missing but I am not able to duplicate a layout page (Igor on Windows 7, 32bit). I can duplicate the complete layout, I can add new (blank) pages and I can delete a page but the option "Duplicate Page" in the right-click menu is always greyed out. Whats wrong here?

Huh. That Duplicate Page item is grayed out because it isn't actually implemented. You won't see it if you're on Windows. But in fact, it shouldn't be hard to hook it up; we have a bug ticket to make the duplicate page functionality more useful.

You can drag a thumbnail into the thumbnail tray in another layout and it will create a copy of the page you dragged. I guess because the drag-and-drop feature was mostly incorporated to make it possible to re-order the pages, you can't drag if you have only one page.

So a kludgey way to duplicate a page in the same layout would be to drag the page to another layout, then drag it back to the original layout. Now you have two copies...

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.