Error in saving the experiment

Hi, I am experiencing an error when I am trying to save an experiment. The experiment usually saves fine initially, but in the process somewhere I believe I do something which then prevents me from saving the experiment. The error looks like this " The file is already open". The only way out is to save the experiment as a new file. Could anybody help me with this error? Thank you
You don't say what version of Igor you are using or what OS. This problem is usually caused by a virus scanner or some other intrusive software opening the file while Igor is trying to access it. If possible, tell your virus scanner not to scan .pxp files. A workaround is to do a save-as to a different file name. The problem also occurred when saving to a remote volume such as a Google Drive volume. I added a workaround in Igor7 for that problem a few months ago.
I am using version 6.37. Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, the file is on google drive.