Fancy (i.e. multi line) axis label for colorscale

Are fancy (i.e. multi line) axis label possible for "colorscale" ?
Usually a two line axis label can be produced by pressing enter.
Fancy axis labels for category plots require a direct assignment.
So far it works.
Hence my approach was
ColorScale/C/N=text0 "Detector\rPower\r(\\U)"

which gives not the desired


but rather a truncated


Did I miss something or would this be a feature for IP7?

PS: As a temporary solution I use an additional text box and just "(\\U)" as label.
PPS: Sloppy minimal example
make /N=(100,100) test=x^2+y^2
setscale d 0,0,"W", test
newimage test
ColorScale/C/N=text0/F=0/H={20,1.5,10}/A=MC image=test,lblLatPos=-30,lblMargin=50
ColorScale/C/N=text0 lblRot=90;DelayUpdate
ColorScale/C/N=text0 "Power\r(\\U)"
ModifyGraph width=140, margin(right)=80

Looks like multiline ColorScale axis labels are not supported.
The documentation mentions it only for axisLabel2.