Free Wave Coordinates Crash

Igor crashes when using FREE waves as coordinates for AppendImage.

I get why this happens. I am just telling in case you consider the user should be warned, maybe avoid compilation? Currently, it just crashes and quits automatically.

I am using version on Windows 10.

Code example:

    Make/D/O/N=(101,101) WImage=p+q
    Make/D/O/N=(101+1) YAxis=p, XAxis=p
    AppendImage WImage vs {XAxis, YAxis}
    Make/D/O/N=(101,101) WImage=p+q
    Make/FREE/D/O/N=(101+1) YAxis=p, XAxis=p
    AppendImage WImage vs {XAxis, YAxis}

Warning: do not use DoTestFail after DoTestOk, in such a case YAxis and XAxis waves do exist globally in the current data folder and therefore DoTestFail runs smoothly.

Thanks for the report. I can reproduce this. I've created an internal ticket (#3423) for tracking the issue.

In the future, it's best to report crashes to us directly using Help->Contact Support or, since sometimes bugs reported on the forums get overlooked

Again, thanks for the report and the nice example that made it very easy to reproduce and test.

aclight wasn't chastising you- we sometimes lose track of things reported in the forums, so it's more likely you'll get the fix if you report it to us directly. So it's really for your benefit!

In fact, this one fell through the cracks even though a bug ticket had been filed. But it was found again (thanks to aclight) and it is now fixed for the nightly build. If you get the fix, be sure to get build #35592 or higher.

I knew he meant it for my own benefit and I do appreciate it a lot. I just hate to be one of those who do not use the tools provided as intended, especially when they are so well thought!! You have a wonderful user support and this forum works really well, I wouldn't like to hamper its functioning.

Actually, I think I cannot delete this post to avoid other users falling into it, but if it were possible, let me know and I would happily do it. 

Thanks again for the fixing!

No need to delete the post- the problem is real, and others may benefit from it. I think we're getting too wound up about the issue of reporting. We are always happy when a customer takes the time to report a problem, especially with such a nice reproducer.