Frezza, MFP-3D

Hi, it's my first time here. I hope to be understood and explain correctly my problem. I've many files .dat acquired with a profilometer and my objective is to attach all file and obtain a .ibw image to process with the software MFP-3D . Now in Igor i can load all single wave of every file .dat and i can build the relative 2Dwave(called test). The problem is that i'm not able to write a code for load an AFM image (called dummy used like a buffer or container), redimension it , do a:
modifyimage dummy interpolate=0,
extract layer,
duplicate /o test layerdata,
insert layer,
width mode: auto, height mode: 0.5 * width

Sorry for my macaronic english
If I understand correctly, you need to know how the MFP-3D software identifies an array as one of its own AFM images. If so, this is really a problem that you need to take to the support site provided by Asylum Research, maker of the MFP-3D and the analysis softeware. Perhaps the information that you seek will be found in the following thread from that site:…. Note that you will need to register in order to view the Asylum support forums.
Hi there.
The task of assembling the profilometer single profiles (.DAT ASCII files) was addressed properly by means of the attached Igor code.
Please feel free to use or modify it. Can also be tuned on purpose, if required.
In case you find it useful, please cite the paper included in the commented text, to thank the author.
Best wishes,