Getting history as UTF-8

Hi igorians,

I want to store the history of Igor experiments into HDF5 files. I've found CaptureHistoryStart() and CaptureHistory() which are much more convenient to use than the HistoryCarbonCopy feature.

I want to store the history text always encoded in UTF-8. I've read DisplayHelpTopic "History Text Encoding" and it looks like I don't really know the encoding of the history, as Igor tries to automatically handle the encoding.

How can I achieve that?

The history text encoding refers to how the history text is saved to disk. It is always stored as UTF-8 in memory. CaptureHistory always returns UTF-8.
Be aware of the limitations of CaptureHistory. In particular, if you invoke a function or operation on the command line, and the function or operation prints to the history, the function or operation invocation may appear in the wrong order in the captured text.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.