How to disable sorting in the data browser

I just begin using Igor64. Before Igor64, I always organized waves manually as a1,b1,c1, a2, b2, c2, a3, b3, c3... This order reflects, for example, experimental order and conditions. In the Igor64, however, the wave list is forcibly changed to a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, c1, c2, c3... and this is not convenient for me. I can not find the option to disable the sorting function in the data browser. I appreciate it if someone tells me how to disable this sorting function. Thank you.

Underneath the area that displays waves/folders/variables etc you'll find a little cog wheel symbol (IP8). Clicking on it let's you sort after various parameters. You probably want "Sort by date created".

It's actually "Sort by order added to parent folder" that you probably want to use, if you're trying to get the exact same behavior as in Igor 6's Data Browser. This option requires Igor 8. Sorting by date created often gives the same results, but not always.

Thank you all for your comments. The behavior of the data browser in the IgorPro6 is "Sort by order added to the folder". 

Using this property, I have been organized waves as; 

Measured data:

    param1, data1, param2, data2 ....

In the analysis, I added some waves for data processing as 

    param1, data1, process1, result1, param2, analysis2, process2, result2 .... 


Now I understand that I can not use this method in Igor64.I need to find a new way....

Thank you.