How do I extract the annotation color bar?

I have images that are being displayed with a certain color table. I would like to extract the color bar scale as a separate image to paste in a schematic layout that I am building in a separate illustration program.

I can always use a screen snipping tool to do what I need. Is there a better option?

Depending on the external program you use and whether or not you want to work with vector graphics as much as possible it might be better to copy-paste the whole graph into your program (note the Export Graphics settings in the Edit menu for this) and then just delete the graph portion you don't need (i.e., everything else other than the color bar). This works, for example, very well with inkscape and even powerpoint (ungroup objects). I wouldn't be surprised if this works equally well in Adobe software.

My preference is to save the graph or layout as Quartz PDF and then bring that into the other program for editing.

OK. I have a clever answer.

Set the annotation as

* XY Offset: 0, 0
* Main Axis Side: right or left
* Width / Height: 100 PERCENT

Set the graph size to whatever you want to have to import to your layout application.

You may also have to play around with the frame color and width as well as the position of the annotation (middle center).

Export the graph. It will be the annotation color bar by itself.

example annotation bar (11.83 KB)