How to remove minor-tick labels on Log axis?


I plot normalized data on a log-log plot. Settings for both axis are identical as far as visible in the modify axis context menu. However:

On the x- axis I got minor and major ticks and numbers, on the y-axis I have only major ticks and numbers. 


Is there a way to remove the minor-tick numbers on the x-axis of  a log scale?

Is there a way to add the minor ticks ony the y-axis on a log-scale?

 (I am using an old Igor 7)

Thanks for any hints!



PS: I can provoke some of the desired effect byy removing axis labels or adding lines to them - I woudl like to do this more controlled.

starting added line in y-label no x-label
ModifyGraph logticks(bottom)=2

should do the job. You may need to play with the actual number.

On the Modify Axis dialog, Tick Options tab, set Max log cycles with minor ticks from auto to 1.  This work for Ver9.