igor pro 7 quit when click "modify axis"


mac os 10.14.2, igor pro 7.08, neuromatic 3.0 installed, no other plugin.


I am modifying the file imported via neuromatic. igor pro7 quits when I either choose modify axis from menu, or double click the axis in any following conditions:

1, external monitor connected, use extend display but not mirror display

2, no external monitor connected, neuromatic plugin loaded

3, no external monitor connected, no neuromatic plugin loaded

4, imported filename is 6 digit

5, imported filename is longer than 31 digit


Igor pro7 only doesnt quit while I connect an external monitor and make sure I use mirror display. everything is working right.


I wonder if the reason is resolution, but I dont know how to check it.



If you have a crash report, please use Help->Contact Support to generate an email to support and include the crash report in the email. You might also try using the latest nightly build (Help->Igor Pro Nightly Build) in case the crash has already been fixed.

If you can reliably reproduce the crash, please send instructions to us as well as your experiment file and we will investigate.

Note that we are no longer maintaining Igor Pro 7. If we can reproduce the crash in Igor Pro 8, we will fix it there but not in 7.