Igor Programming Tutorials

Hi all!

My name is Ted Summer and I’m considering making a series of tutorials for programming with Igor as blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.

I’ve created a brief survey to gauge interest in these lessons, and I’d greatly appreciate any feedback!




I see the community here is awesome for support, and I’ve found a book or two on the subject, but I still see there could be a great need for a concise, simple repository of learning material for new programmers (correct me if I’m wrong!).

Just a little about me, I’m a software developer with an MS in computer science and I love to teach. I found Igor through one of my friends who is a Chem PhD candidate. Igor is a really neat program and I’ve enjoyed working with it.


This is timely or coincidental to my recent note in this thread.


I think the greatest benefit will be to compose assertion-like statements with "eye-catching" metrics as the themes for the lessons. From what I continually have to (re)teach to newcomers to my group, I might for example start with these:

* Igor Pro can import (x,y) data from a wide range of external data-formats

* Igor Pro can make a publication-ready graph of (x, y) data quickly and efficiently

* Igor Pro can do robust linear-regression curve fitting of (x,y) data with no programming skills required

* Igor Pro can do robust non-linear regression curve fitting of (x,y) data to many common equations with no programming skills required

* Igor Pro can do robust regression curve fitting of (x,y) data to any type of equation with minimal "a prior" programming knowledge required

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ted.summer2: Was it in Chinese?

From our Igor User Resources & Contributions page here: https://www.wavemetrics.com/users/users

Practical Guide to Igor Pro, by Tsinghua University Press

This is the first book on Igor Pro usage in Chinese. This book introduces the basic skills in using Igor Pro and the general method of data analysis and processing, including basic operations, charts drawing, command lines, data analysis and programming. For the purpose of practicability, the content modules needed in data processing such as chart drawing, data fitting and program design are highlighted. The book contains a large number of sample code, which can facilitate readers to learn from in the process of learning.

Publication Link of Practical Guide to Igor Pro  by Tsinghua University press: http://www.tup.tsinghua.edu.cn/booksCenter/book_07617101.html

On JD.COM: https://item.jd.com/12360777.html


Thanks Jim. I did not know that one.

I've asked my local bookshop to get it for me. Let's see what they can do.

@Ted: I would be glad to talk more off-line. Contact me via email at Jeffrey dot Weimer at UAH dot edu.


I wanted to highlight some of the existing resources in the area you mention, just in case you aren't familiar with what's already available:

Video tutorials are at https://www.wavemetrics.com/products/igorpro/videotutorials. They are mostly from the Igor 6 days but still apply, for the most part.

The video tutorials follow the steps in the guided tour, available from Igor's Help->Getting Started menu item.

We published a series of blog articles around the release of Igor 7 at https://www.wavemetrics.com/news?field_blog_category_target_id=79

None of these is focused on programming.