ImageParticle Analysis output

I am working with ImageParticle Analysis and looking at individual particles identified and I am getting a bit of mismatch in the number of particles

W_circularity, W_Intmax, and the others describing the stats on a particle have 19 points, 19 particles found.

W_boundaryIndex only has 9 points indicating 9 particles.

W_boundaryX and W_boundaryY has 12 NaNs which would indicate 13 particles since the particle data is separated by NaNs. I checked and there are NaN breaks in the W_boundaryX (Y) that are not listed in the W_boundaryindex.

Why the discrepancy on the number of particles?

If you stop for a moment to evaluate the information you provided above, you should be able to reach the conclusion that we can't give you a substantive answer. I'd need to see an Igor experiment containing the image with the exact command you executed. If I can only base my response on what you wrote here then my guess is that you executed the operation more than once with different combination of flags. For a more thorough investigation please email with the relevant information.

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