IP9 Autosave

I have been using my own Autosave code (from ~2013) on our computers... Today I recalled that IP9 has Autosave, which means I need to disable my own code. I went shopping for IP9 Autosave without reading release on the web site, manual, or any help. Kind of like regular user --- who reads manuals today anyway? I found (greyed out) "Run Autosave Now" in File menu, but not way to enable/configure it... hm... When I failed to find it in File menu of IP9, I opened Help and went shopping there for information. After some serious searching, beyond what regular user will likely do, I found everything, read manual, and should be happy.

Except, that means this is unlikely to get used by my users at my instrument. I could setup my instrument computers to do Autosave automatically, but large experiments may need different period than small ones, especially on network drives. Easy access to GUI for users would be useful. 

Is there some way of either:

1. opening Misc/Autosave GUI for users which I could add which would open Misc/Miscellaneous Settings on Autosave tab? I can open the Miscellaneous Settings (DoIgorMenu), but it will open on previously opened item, which may be anything. 

2. Create new GUI which would control IP9 Autosave? I do not see any controllable parameters available for programmers. 

3. Disabling IP9 Autosave when my own code is enabled so there is no chance of conflict? 

I'm willing to bet there is an argument for "SetIgorOption" that controls this, however the documentation on that operation is almost nil. 

I'm sure someone from WM will let you know what/if the arguments are that would help with point 3 at least.

When the user runs Igor Pro 9, he is prompted to read help on Autosave until he clicks "Don't show this to me anymore".

There is no programmatic control of autosave. You can see if it is on using IgorInfo(13).



IgorInfo(13) helps.  I can check on state and raise warning if needed. Good enough. 

Help on Autosave does not help, in my case our computers are communal devices - they are used by different user for instrument data reduction/analysis. This is bit unique use, I know... 

If I were you, I would let the user or admin for the machine worry about this.

Autosave is fairly complicated under the hood which can lead to new issues. Also it may give users a false sense of security.


I'd love to. But admin, user support, and regular user on these machines is all me. These are my instrument users, not software users. This is NOT part of distributed tools, like Irena.  I added code which stops my own Autosave from running when user enables Igor Autosave. With IgorIno(13) it was few lines of code and all is good... 

Misc->Miscellaneous Settings, Autosave category. Has some settable options plus a link to the help.

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