Jumping to a specific row/column in a table

Hi igoristas,

make/N=(300e3,5,10) data
edit data.ld

Creates a table. Is there a quick way to jump to lets say row 125000? Scrolling vertically takes ages.

Hi Thomas,

how about:

Finding Table Values
You can search tables for specific contents by choosing Edit->Find. This displays the Find In Table dialog.

Find In Table can search the current selection in the active table, the entire active table or all table windows. You control this using the right-hand pop-up menu at the top of the dialog.
The All Table Windows mode searches standalone table windows only. It does not search table subwindows. It is possible to search a table subwindow in a control panel using the Top Table mode. Searching in tables embedded in graphs and page layouts is not supported.
Find In Table can search for the following types of values which you control using the left-hand pop-up menu.

Find Type Description
Row Displays the specified row but does not select it.

@hegedus: I'm really want to go to a specific row without knowing the value in that row.

@KurtB: Thanks! That does the trick.
Edit->Find allows to you find a specific row - choose Row from the Find popup menu.