loading multiple simulation data

I have taken the liberty of moving the above-named Issue query to a more appropriate Forum venue.

I had a somewhat similar situation making Igor and FORTRAN work together. The "proper" (and difficult) way is probably to make an XOP from your FORTRAN code. The simple, brute force method I took was to use Igor as a front-end, have it write an input file (with parameters used by the FORTRAN application), and launch the FORTRAN app from Igor by executing a BAT file. The FORTRAN app reads its input data, executes its computation, writes its output in IGOR-friendly format to another data file, and terminates. When Igor detects that this output file is ready to open, it loads the data, and plots and analyzes it.

My Igor procedure was specific to my needs, but I would be happy to share it if contacted.
Thanks very much for the reply! Would you mind if I took a look at your igor procedure? I would really appreciate it as it would save me many hours of pain and aggravation!