Locating the "null (missing) wave warning-causing" piece in code


So I've been building a panel to investigate and analyze scientific data. The code of the whole thing has now become pretty complex and a lifeform in itself. Now, I am being confronted by an error/warning that says "Attempt to operate on a null (missing) wave". It randomly pops up sometimes, but it clearly has no bearing on the processing of my data. Everything compiles and runs smoothly, no problem. So whatever wave it's seeking is likely part of redundant code somewhere. However, it has been filling up the command line history so I want to get rid of it. I am wondering whether there is a way to directly identify where exactly is this error/warning pointing to in the whole mix of code. Kindly advise. 



Right-click in any procedure window and choose Enable Debugger and Debug on Error.

Run the process the provokes the error; Igor will open the debugger at the first place it detects that problem and show the problematic line (which will actually be the line before the "current line" yellow arrow in the margin.

For more details, execute the command

DisplayHelpTopic "The Debugger"

Are you using rtGlobals=3 already? If not, you should definitly do that as it catches more programming errors. I'm also a fan of rtFunctionErrors, but retrofitting that into a large code base might be challenging.