making a wireframe plot from a triplet wave

Hello, Im trying to make a wifeframe plot using a triplet wave in gizmo. I am currently using imageinterpolate, and I can get a nice surface, but the only styles are color ranges that don't work well for me. Does anyone know how to get an old-style surface mesh, or wireframe appearance with a triplet wave in Igor 7?
First I suggest you read AG's blog post
Once you have created your {x,y,z} triplet wave (here called "tripletwave"), execute
ImageInterpolate /CMSH voronoi tripletwave

This creates a mesh triangle wave called "M_ScatterMesh". Use this triangle wave to create and display a Gizmo surface. Then the bare-bones triangle wire-frame appearance can be achieved with the Gizmo Info GUI or
ModifyGizmo ModifyObject=surface0,objectType=surface,property={ srcMode,1}
ModifyGizmo ModifyObject=surface0,objectType=surface,property={ surfaceColorType,0}
ModifyGizmo ModifyObject=surface0,objectType=surface,property={ fillMode,1}

I have attached a typical example based on AG's construction.