Is the MGMotor XOP still running under Igor 8 ? If not, is there any other XOP for controlling Thorlabs translation stages?



Howard was just recently interacting with a customer about this XOP. He has updated the XOP to run with the 64-bit Igor64.exe application. You can download the new version from…. I think we're relying on the customer to test the XOP since we don't have the hardware, but the customer reported that it still worked well for whatever hardware they were using.

MGMotor was originally written in 2008 in Visual C++ 2005 for 32-bit Igor only. I just uploaded a new archive that includes a 64-bit version as well as a 32-bit version compiled in Visual C++ 2008 and also includes the MGMotorMoveJog contributed by Hiroyuki Yoshida. We don't have any Thorlabs hardware so these new XOPs have not been tested.

The Visual C++ 2008 project is available here.